Author: msquirk Agnes Ng

Poppy dress, tailor-made.

Vintage bag from Japan. Love the muted colors and the different shades of green fabric contrasted against the bronze finishes, retro-ish much?

British India dress

Brand: Uniqlo

M)phosis dress

Perfect for all occasions, day & night. You can create your own styles by mix-matching your clothes with this coat and even change the outlook of...

Chiffon embroidery dress with lining

Perfect for occasions when you don\'t need to be overly professional, outlandishly formal, or sloppily casual and even romantically Victorian. A smaller version of normal briefcase...

Turquoise pebbled leather matched with butter smooth brown leather strap.. so rich and exquisite!

Pretty unique for a Birkin-inspired bag yes? You definitely can\'t find similar design anywhere else in Malaysia ;)

No description was given for this item :(