Author: Hong Hong Yee

Tri-Coloured Stripes Scarf (Light Pink, Purple, Red). Fine Stitches, Soft to the touch!

School Bus Sets! Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Each set has unique characters and colours!

Super Shiny Golden Earrings. Small and classy, suitable with most clothings! (PS. Not real gold!)

A MUST HAVE ITEM! Retro feel! Wonderful colours! Made for FUN-LOVING people! 5 Colours available: Pink, Black, White, Yellow and Blue. Limited sets now! GRAB YOURS!...

Rubberised Case. Diamond Pattern-ed Design. Striking Colours! Red, White and Orange. Suited for BlackBerry Torch 9800 model.

Stunning Black Jewel Bangle. Spring Mechanism. Suitable for low-key people, but still loves BLING!

Description: Dangling Studded Earphones Necklace. Unique! Increases fashion style instantly! Please note earphones are not real, jewellery only!

Hard Plastic Case. Red & White Blings. Suited for BlackBerry Bold 9000 model.