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These are music to your ears! Pretty earrings like these don\'t come along very often, especially one with a cute pink cello! <3

Hehe these little giants on your ears? Now that\'s adorability! Easy to match with any outfits too! Made from shell-like material with unique reflections!

Minnie earrings. Have your ever been a fan of Minnie Mouse when you were younger? We were! This just reminds us of the funny yet cute...

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RM 35.00 Bracelet Risha item code : GSAS33 material : silver

RM 40.00 Necklace Querida item code : NSAS057 material : silver

RM 20.00 Ring Grazia item code : R101

RM 15.00 Ring cottina item code : R102

RM 25.00 Ring Cadena item code : RSAS36

RM 25.00 Necklace Asoka item code : NSAS061

Go for a ride in the park in the warm evening sun and wear this earring to show your enthusiasm! Wear with white tops and natural...

Christmas may be over (for now, hehee) but for everyday fashionistas the spirit of giving lives on! Hurry and grab these babies before they run out!...

Another one of our faves! After all, most girls love shoes! These earrings are so precious and glitzy and comes with a touch of pink!

Tired of studs and looking for a change? These earrings are hooked onto your ears, and features amazingly glimmering butterflies for that classy look you\'re raring...

These little things just captivates your heart; just look at how adorable they are! Wear them with simple tops or even with a cute dress for...

This pair of earrings are almost always connected to fairytales! The horse and the carriage, can we say prince charming is on his way? Hip hip...

Seen in many stores, we now bring you the classic skeleton necklace at a great price! Featured in both silver and gold!

Make a wish! Origami birds have been often associated with making wishes come true. Get one in the form of a necklace and find out for...

Code: H5 RM 6

Wear this necklace when you\'re hoping for an extra lucky day!

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This bracelet, with the addition of a single pearl, enlivens any dull day or dull outfit! Its charm is in its innocence!

A little androgynous cuff to wear with shirts on days you\'d like to be less feminine but not OTT. Featured also with a heart shaped lock...

This bracelet is a unique, understated piece that is easy to wear. Match this piece with other similar coloured bracelets for a characteristic look.