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Stacked bangles like these are versatile; use it for party nights out or to glam up a casual outfit for a day trip!

This bangle features a glittering heart that perfectly adorns your wrist! Suitable for date nights or even dinners!

Extremely cute and sparkly panda bracelet! Previously featured in our Panda Collection but now we have restocked and selling them individually!

RM 3.50

All hail princesses around the world (doesn\'t matter if it is self-declared ;) ! Earrings for the royalty? Or anyone who\'s just yearning to glam up...

First we had camera rings, now it\'s time for some earrings! This one\'s really adorable, one of our faves really! Eventhough, I\'m not a real photographer,...

Think this is for artsy people? Think again. Its charm is in its details! ;) Wear it with simple casual clothing on a relaxing day with...

For sweet dates or casual outings! Wear this accessory for a soft feminine touch!

A lil sweeping bird with a message every girl loves to hear. How dreamy is that! Featured in bronze for that vintage look!

RM 4.50 Ps: the colour of the flower is green colour instead of white colour.

An adorable jewelled necklace in the shape of a mini bus! Wear it for a playful aura!

RM 3.50

A personal favourite, the bronze! A little unconventional, the silver! Get both for you and your bestie! Match this up with tunics and some leggings and...

For all you out there who loves some sparkles and love recalling your childhood memories, this one\'s for you! Comes with some beary goodness too! ;)...

People don\'t own cats; cats are their own owners! This is absolutely fantastic for cat lovers (squeals!) who can now announce to the world how much...

RM 9

This ring screams unique! Be prepared to go out hunting for the finest treasures in this ring! Wear with sailor or pirate inspired clothings for a...

Time for some pink goodness! This is as good for children as it is for adult. Don\\\\\'t matter, have pink! Organise a pink party for all...

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Let\'s be foxy bay-behs! This ring is unique and sexy at the same time; just an item you would want to showcase your seductive personality!

No description was given for this item :(

This snowflake necklace is (almost!) one of a kind! Simple and demure, and subtly enhances your overall outfit!

How adorable is this little cat necklace! Its oriental look gives it a unique appearance that just melts your heart!