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rm29.90, check us out for more promotions!!!!

WE SELL MEME T-SHIRTS! 140%cotton made in parallel universe

double stitches 140% cotton Made in Parellel Universe

190gsm double stitches 140% cotton made in parallel universe AWWWWW YEAHHHHHH

190gsm 140% cotton made in parallel universe RM29.90 AWWWW YEAHHH!!!

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New York Dolls? Get this at RM25!

Why not try to change a look by having this colourful leopard design?Its only at RM33

Hurry up! get this basic tee at just RM25!!

Showing off this big ribbon at only RM25

Get this adorable piece at only RM25!

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Cute baby tee, easily matched with shorts, jeans or skirt. Vibrant colour absolutely brightens your day :)

This shirt is so versatile that it has 2 way sleeve,you can just button up for a formal look or unbutton for casual look.

RM26 Fits UK4-UK10 Material : Cotton Colors : Polka dot Brown, Star Turquoise, Star Pink, Star Black,

A Crop tee and a long- sleeveless striped top. Selling at RM38.00 only.

RM 15

No description was given for this item :(

a place that you can find reasonable & fashionable clothes =)

Size: Free Size (UK8-UK10) Height: 31" Price: 1 for RM28 2 for RM50